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Emily Boring

Ecology and Climate

Emily is a sophomore Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major in Pierson College. She works in the Marine Invertebrate Zoology lab at the Peabody Museum and sings in Yale Glee Club. An aspiring marine biologist and nature-writer, her goal is to use creative writing and poetry to connect people to ecosystems and spread awareness about sustainability. She’ll tell anyone who will listen that she’s from Oregon. There, you’ll find her mountain climbing, eating carrots, trail-running, or frolicking in freezing rivers and oceans.

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Khush Dhaliwal

Biology, Health, and Medicine

Khush is a freshman in Morse College. She volunteers for No Closed Doors and teaches in New Haven high schools through Community Health Educators. She is interested in medical research and finding a way to bridge the nitty gritty aspects of science with applications that directly affect human life. Outside of her academic life, she loves napping and eating all different kinds of food. Back at home, she can be found biking, walking barefoot, or climbing trees.


Chunny Ding

Physics and More

Julia Rothchild

Kevin Wang